Save on your daily energy needs

Make the switch to solar with your fellow tenants and save hundreds annually.

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Cut down your energy costs

Take advantage of the Solarbilling solution and get the same amount of energy at a substantial discount. Visualize your energy needs & expenses via our monthly invoices featuring detailed breakdowns of usage, costs, and savings.


Cancel at any time

Prefer to stick to your current energy provider? Tenants are welcome to opt-out, cancel or switch out of our service at any time without effecting the rest of the building.

How to get started

SolarBilling ensures that the transition is easy for both property owners and tenants alike. Experience no interruption of service during installation, and receive detailed billing on your new cheaper, renewable energy source.


Opt-in to solar through your property owner


Transitioning to solar will be interruption free


Receive a monthly detailed bill on usage


Cancel anytime without affecting other tenants

Refer your property owner and receive a discount.

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Get all the details

Get monthly electricity usage reports and reminders via our client portal. Multiple payment options available including auto-billing after first payment. *Mailed statements can be requested.

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Save thousands annually

Each year, your utility savings can increase by 3% by switching to solar.

Receive the benefits and savings of solar energy, just like home owners.

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