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Recovering the investment in Solar can be difficult. SolarBilling removes the headaches and your tenants pay you for electricity generated on the roof.

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Don't lift a finger

Solarbilling can recommend one of our premier partners to handle designing and installing the perfect system for your building. Once the system is in place, we bill tenants ensuring you quickly earn back your investment and more.


Establish a new revenue stream

At near 15% internal rate of return, our clients get a ROI in under 5 years through the SolarBilling solution. We make sure it's a win-win for both the property owner and their tenants.


Accurately bill your tenants

Through the SolarBilling solution, tenants are invoiced with precise details on energy usage, costs, and savings on a monthly basis. Our usage dashboard works hand-in-hand to provide further information. Learn more about the dashboard below.


Cancel at any time

Property Owners can terminate their solar contract and switch back to their utility provider at any time. Individual tenants can also be switched off or removed from our plan without affecting access to solar for the rest of the building.

How to get started

Solarbilling will handle every step of the process from helping you purchase the panels, to installation, to billing, to ensuring you receive your ROI and more.


Set up a meeting with our team to get started


Work with partners to install solar


All participating tenants will be moved to solar


Get back your ROI in 5 years or less

Financing options available!

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Visualize your profit

The usage dashboard tracks tenant energy usage as well as your ROI. Measure month over month return visually and ensure that you are on track to winning back your investment.

By switching to solar now, what is your 20 year ROI?

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